Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

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Work from home data entry jobs are not limited to copying and pasting. Data entry is a job that entails the handling of any electronic data. You can be a transcriber, data entry clerk, typist, or even a coder. The question is, however, where do you go to find a data entry job? Well, we have a list for you below:


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk 

Amazon offers a person the option of doing a small task for pay. You can start without any experience and get a feel for the data entry positions. While these tasks do not pay a lot, they offer you the opportunity to gain experience and earn based on the amount of work you are willing to do. 


Working Solution

Another way to make money as a data-entry clerk is to work at Working Solution. You can be paid every two weeks with this platform as an independent contractor. The working solution is the right side hustle if you are looking to work from home as a data entry clerk. 


Axion Data Entry Solution

If you have some experience as a data entry clerk and type very fast, you may want to check out Axion Data Entry Services. This employment may be more long term than others mentioned in this post but require some proof of previous work. 



Another easy way to find data entry jobs online is by using the crowdsourcing platform clickworker. LIke Amazon mechanical Turk, click work assigns a mini task to its user and pays them for that work or job performed.  It is important to note that a skill assessment is required before being accepted to clickworker for work.


AccuTran Global 

AccuTran is a platform that seeks transcribers to complete the task. This platform pays for every word that you type correctly, giving usings the ability to earn as much or as less as they would like. The Best part is that this company may hire you even if you have limited experience and compensate for the accuracy and the quality of work you produce. 


Birch Creek Communications

Last on our list is Birch Creek Communication.  This company pays by the jobs you perform as an independent contractor.  The better accuracy you have is, the more you will earn on this platform.  You also have the flexibility to set your hours with perfects for students and persons who have a regular job and need extra income and are just looking for something to do on the side.


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