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I have a series of episodes from a South African TV series for which we have been tasked with creating English subtitles. Most of the dialogue is spoken in Xhosa, while some of it is spoken in English. I was provided with the English translation of the Xhosa dialogue. However, I'm concerned that the translation is incomplete in a few spots.

Your task will be to review the English subtitles to make sure:
– there are no missing subtitles
– all the subtitles have been timed correctly
– the translation is correct

Overall, from what I can tell, the English translation is quite good. But I would like a Xhosa speaker to review everything to be sure.

Each episode is 22 minutes long. Please base your bid on one episode, as I'm not sure how many episodes will be assigned to you ultimately.

This is somewhat urgent. I need the first two episodes to be reviewed within the next two days,

Budget: $30

Posted On: January 16, 2023 22:30 UTC
Category: Proofreading
Skills:Xhosa, Subtitles

Country: United States

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