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I am looking for an experienced music producer who can create original deep trance hypnosis psychedelic sleep music. I want DMT activation music that gets you into a deep trance meditative state.
It must NOT be high energy or fast beat music because people will listen to it during the night while they sleep so it should be deep and hypnotic sleep meditation music.
These music tracks will be uploaded to my YouTube channel and must be 100% original and custom-made only for me. The tracks must be different from one another and every track must be unique.

I am looking for a music producer who meets the following criteria. 🙂

– 60 tracks per month
– $4 per track
– Create unique and custom meditation music that follows our criteria and requirements
– 10 minutes long original music tracks that can be looped to longer hours.
– Examples of other similar channels and what kind of music we want:

I would like to see samples of music tracks that you have created before. If you have created something similar to what I want, that will be a huge bonus.

Are you okay with the price from the description? (if not don't apply)
Did you add music tracks that I can hear? (if not don't apply)
Do you have over 90% job success? (if not don't apply)
Do you have earned more than $100? (if not don't apply)

Budget: $240

Posted On: March 16, 2023 08:15 UTC
Category: Music Production
Skills:Music Production, Music Composition

Country: Bulgaria

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