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We are looking for a virtual assistant that can support a growing startup in the real estate, vacation rental space.

We are looking for someone with strong data entry (accuracy) abilities but also adaptable to a variety of other tasks.

CHARACTER TRAITS include but are not limited to:
-DETAIL ORIENTED: Accuracy is transcribing information. For instance, we can not accept schedule errors or typos or errors in documentation, bookkeeping, etc
-EFFICIENT: Would like to find someone who can quickly implement ideas and get done efficiently without errors.
-Reliable and can work without supervision
-Great communication skills: via email, text or phone. No grammatical errors, typos or sloppy text.
-Can problem-solve and is willing to discuss improved methodology or approach
-Has a sense of urgency
-Can work independently and without too much handholding. We will give guidelines and share ideas and expectations, though.
-Is very professional and adaptable to company culture.
-Is VERY adaptable and flexible to adjust with changes. We are constantly evolving and looking to improve and not afraid to change for the better. If you like rigid guidelines and need consistency in the way you work, this is NOT for you.
-Is able to learn software easily and efficiently (we will also guide you).

-POSITIVE ATTITUDE, HIGH ENERGY, HIGH ENTHUSIASM. We want to UPLIFT eachother as we build a company.

In general, we want someone who is adaptable, versatile and willing to learn new skills.

TASKS include but are not limited to:
-DATA ENTRY, Bookkeeping background preferred

We are located in Hawaii and need a VA that can start and is alert at 10a HST.

Note: The founder is very picky and has a standard of excellence that you may or may not be used to. We need someone that's very good at taking feedback and pushes themselves to be excellent in their work.

All hires start with a two week trial. We want to make sure you're a good fit for us and vice versa as we tend to do our best to take care of our staff once fully hired.

ATTITUDE: SEEKING POSITIVE, UPBEAT and FUN personality. This is the company culture and even though we work very hard at the highest level, we do want a team that can also enjoy virtual activities together.

TIPS: Founder seriously hates typos and lack of punctuality. No need to apply if you're prone to typing errors or if you're chronically late.

Hourly Range: $3.00-$4.00

Posted On: January 17, 2023 01:37 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Bookkeeping, Customer Service, Google Docs

Country: United States

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