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I am seeking a challenging a writer for assisting me with

Proofreading, Rewrite, Syntax Mistakes, Structural Edit ( English UK )

The original biography article file has approximately 5,900+ words.


We work via remote by inviting collaborate on Apple Pages

If you want to work on this project, please accept the $ 15 budget and do following remote work by inviting collaborate on Apple Pages.

If you have finished delivering and have confirmed that you have no problem revising, then you need to delete the files after our contract ends.

You can feel free to contact me on Provided if any questions.
Thanks you for your time and Consideration.

In the future. I hope that we will be working together.

Budget: $15

Posted On: September 25, 2022 09:20 UTC
Category: Other Editing & Proofreading Services
Skills:Editing & Proofreading, Grammar & Syntax Review, Business Editing, Book Editing, Story Editing, Developmental Editing, Content Rewriting, Writing, Error Detection

Country: Thailand

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