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I am looking for an outstanding, all-in-one editing – structural editing, copyediting, and unbiased proofreader who can see through the ‘veil.’

An editor who can stay true to the original tone of a nonfiction manuscript.
It is a 6+ year chronicle and monitoring of a tech giant and its ilk. It highlights the flaws in the system that are flying under the radar, and the unethical practices, all backed by real-life stories, images, text messages, emails, and screenshots.

The manuscript is a segmented mixture of memoir and a loose collection of stories and events, backed by real-life incidents. Most of the conversations are informal. It is evidence-based, advice-heavy, and informative. It is packed with self-help and self-improvement with reference to images for those using the service(s)

I prefer an editor who can edit or rewrite the book’s long description, bio, and write the synopsis. This is important as it would be used later for copywriting, content writing, etc. That said, the editor is the next person who will know my manuscript back-to-back as I do, hence, I lay much emphasis on these.  

• Manuscript – 68,300 words
• Long description / Web content – 2383 words
• Bio – 217

Additional services as mentioned above:
• Write the synopsis/blurb
• Write ‘About the book’
. Sift the ‘Bio’

As I said earlier, the editor must specialise in writing a synopsis or blurb, and ‘About the book’ as I do not have the headspace hence, I need someone to correct, rewrite and refine what I’ve written. Of course, I understand it would attract additional costs, but that’s ok.

The elements that I am looking for include: grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalisation, consistency, sentence structure, spotting any issues with the plot or setting, overused/misused/missing words, overused phrases, redundancies, contradictions, confusing narratives, pronoun misuse, adverb misuse, line editing, point-of-view errors, transitions, tense, clarity, syntax, pacing, rewrite/rephrase, fact-checking, paragraphing, cut down irrelevant scenes and dialogue, and choose the appropriate genre.

I desire a high level of communication and the ability to meet our agreed-upon deadlines.

A signed ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ will be required (provided).

Posted On: March 16, 2023 09:27 UTC
Category: Other Editing & Proofreading Services
Skills:Markup, Track Changes, Product Description, Landing Page, Email Copywriting, General Transcription, Copywriting, Adobe Acrobat, Style Guide, Australian English Dialect, Editing & Proofreading, Blog Content

Country: Australia

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