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Good day Freelancers,

As much as I want to be a superhuman and a one-man team, I can't. I have 24 hours and I need help. I need your help.

I am looking for a general VA to help me with tasks in few areas. The role will be mainly part-time, with the potential to grow into a full-time position.

Here are the areas I need help with:

1. Personal
– mainly searching for activities to do and occasionally looking into travel
– Helping with looking for and applying for jobs. This range from submitting the application to writing cover letters (or helping source someone that will)
– potentially helping with health request

2. Work (total rewards field)
– helping with research on various projects I oversee at work
– helping on initiatives, I am interested in learning more about but can dedicate time for my team to handle

3. AdHoc
– various other tasks can come up. They will be mainly about research and providing a summary of your findings.

What I am looking for:
– someone that can communicate well, mainly by text but is willing to jump on a call to review requests
– a self-starter. I am looking for someone that I can rely on. You should be able to take a task and go find the solutions. And if you need something, you should be able to reach out to me to explain what you need and why.
– a learner: a generalist will fit well in this role. As you can see, it is a mix of personal and professional tasks that I need help with. It will help tremendously to be able to change hats and use different skills.

I am expecting to ask for less than 20 hours to start.

Posted On: January 17, 2023 01:12 UTC
Category: General Virtual Assistance
Skills:Virtual Assistance, Virtual Assistant, Personal Administration

Country: Canada

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