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1. You will create ICP and list for targeting prospects. It involved listening to client calls, networking on social media, profiling existing customers

2. You will populate the list with extensive research on B2B Tech, Fintech, and SaaS. You will eat and sleep SaaS world and understand their buying cycle, motivation, and behaviors.

3. You will refine messaging for Email and LinkedIn by A/B testing and learn from what has worked in the past.

4. You will do outreach campaigns to prospects manually and using automation tools.

5. You will self-learn how the different B2B industries work by watching their videos, reading their blogs and experimenting with guest access.

6. You will engage in social listening on job sites, LinkedIn, Twitter to spot active opportunities.

7. You will get the prospect to demo call or convert on the website for a pilot.

8. You’ll Google to read about a B2B company as if you have an interview for your dream job.

If you have these traits, you’re fit to apply:

1. Your perseverance to pursue prospects.

2. Your ability to quickly research the prospects and improve the conversion ratio.

3. Your Reading Comprehension is of A1 level. In general, your reading speed is above average.

4. You have high attention to detail regarding correct spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.

Growth Plan

Once you’ve established yourself as SDR, you will move to the AE role, where you can lead the discussion with the client on demo calls.

Compensation: ₹10k INR monthly fixed + ₹2K INR per new client that we close from your Outreach Efforts.

About us:

* We’re a PPC agency. We help Fintech companies to get paying customers via PPC.

* Our customers are Fintech companies based out of the US and Europe.

Write “Ramé” in the end of your proposal and tell us why are you a good fit.

Looking forward to hear form you!

Budget: $150

Posted On: September 25, 2022 12:44 UTC
Category: Sales & Business Development
Skills:Market Research, Lead Generation, Sales, Researcher, Cold Calling, List Building, Email List, Outreach Email Copywriting, Virtual Assistance, Competitor Research

Country: India

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