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Our client, Farquhar Distributions Limited, is looking for an Administrative Assistant to join their private-label e-commerce team on
This creative problem solver will be a vital asset, primarily tasked with product research, launching and customer service while exploring new opportunities within the ever changing world of online retailing.
Are you up for the challenge? We would love to hear from you!

It will be a perfect match, if:
– You are a self-motivated, proactive individual with excellent English language skills and 1+ year of experience in Amazon Seller Central & Helium 10
– You have 1+ year of administrative support role under your belt
– You have experience with Excel or Google Sheets
– You understand the value of efficiency over hard work and can cut unnecessary processes while meeting the goals
– Previous experience using Trello is certainly an advantage!

In this role, your tasks will include:‍
– Finding product opportunities on Amazon
– Pulling reports using directly from Amazon Seller Central
– Using Amazon 3rd party tools (Helium 10)
– Using Google Sheets to compile reports- Analyzing and summarizing data
– Customer Service – email and Facebook messages daily

Working with us means never holding up teammates and always communicating effectively with other members to ensure tasks are completed on time – plus having the technical skills needed to present yourself well during meetings (with good quality image/audio).
We also value that our employees can achieve both their career goals without neglecting their life outside of work; therefore we believe it is important to strike an ideal balance between them.

Why work with us:
Join a champion team that's rapidly expanding and take advantage of the freedom to work from anywhere!
Reap the rewards with flexible hours, a competitive salary, learning opportunities for growth – plus enjoy those all-important life balance benefits.
As the workload will progressively increase, step up your professional journey by taking on more responsibilities and become a Team Lead.
Let’s grow together!

Posted On: January 17, 2023 00:29 UTC
Category: General Virtual Assistance
Skills:Virtual Assistant, Amazon Webstore, Administrative Support, Researcher, Customer Service, Amazon

Country: Ukraine

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