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Hello, I have native  Estonia (Republic of Estonia) transcription project available.
NOTE:: In my post $5 budget is fix. which means this is only for hire rate. proof reading  rate is $25 for 1 hour audio proofread. ( effective one hours)
[ effective one hour means there is nothing to pay or count your time which you tag codes like invalid audio, noise tag etc. we count only transcription ( writing) time only]

Here is some general info about our projects:
you have to listen audio and check transcribe as it is ( according to guideline)  The sentence accuracy will need to be higher than 97%.
1. Native Estonia (Republic of Estonia)
2. Laptop or compute
3. Strong Internet connection

STRICTLY 30 DAYS AFTER MONTH-END. DO NOT ASK FOR EARLIER PAYMENTS. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN 🙂 AND MOST IMPROTENT ITS COUNT AND PAID ACCRDING TO TRANSCRIBE AUDIO HOURS NOT YOUR WORKING HOURS.( because its depend candidate to candidate speed and interest  how many time they give  for this project and how many hours will it takes to do this job.)

How payments work
just for hire we pay $5 and The work you do in a month will be calculated by the report I receive from the client. The total amount earned will be emailed to you at the end of the month. Then, at the end of the following month, the payment amount will be released to you termed as a “bonus payment”.
For example, let us say you earned $500 in January.
At the end of January , you will receive an email stating how many tasks you completed, and how much you earned.
Payments will then be processed from the 2nd week until the 4th week of February, that amount will be paid to you as a “bonus payment” on Upwork, and the existing $5 milestone will stay as-is.

Budget: $25

Posted On: March 16, 2023 12:39 UTC
Category: Transcription
Skills:Proofreading, General Transcription

Country: India

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