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We are looking for a talented and experienced country music composer and producer to create a catchy, country-style tune for an original song about Cape Town. The selected candidate will be responsible for composing, arranging, and producing a professional-quality recording that captures the spirit of the lyrics provided and incorporates classic country elements.

Collaborate with the lyricist to understand the vision and message of the song
Compose a country-style tune that complements the provided lyrics, including verses, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro
Arrange the song using traditional country instruments such as acoustic guitar, slide guitar or pedal steel, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin
Produce a professional-quality recording of the song, including mixing and mastering
Provide input and suggestions to enhance the overall musical quality and country feel of the song
Communicate effectively and be open to feedback and revisions as needed

Proven experience in composing and producing country music

Strong knowledge of country music instrumentation and arrangement techniques

Proficient in music production software, such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or FL Studio

Ability to create a professional-quality recording, including mixing and mastering

Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Creative, open-minded, and receptive to feedback
To apply, please submit:

A brief introduction describing your experience as a country music composer and producer.

A link to your portfolio or examples of your previous work in the country music genre.

An estimated timeline for composing and producing the song.

We look forward to hearing from talented and passionate country music creators who can bring our vision to life!

Posted On: March 15, 2023 19:58 UTC
Category: Music Production
Skills:Music Production, Song, Country Music, Music Arrangement, Music Composition, Sound Mixing, Guitar, Music

Country: South Africa

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