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We are seeking an experienced Shopify enthusiast to help set up our custom Shopify theme for three different niches: fashion, accessories, and homewares. The pages, products, and collections are already created, but we require logos and royalty-free images used throughout the theme for things such as banners and image with text sections. The successful candidate will be responsible for choosing the theme settings to suit each niche, including suitable fonts, colors, and use of borders, etc.


Work with us to understand our brand and business goals.
Customize our Shopify theme to suit each niche (fashion, accessories, and homewares) with appropriate fonts, colors, and borders, etc.
Source and incorporate logos and royalty-free images throughout the theme for use in banners, image with text sections, and other relevant areas.
Ensure all pages, products, and collections are displayed correctly and consistently across all niches.

Posted On: March 16, 2023 12:07 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Design Enhancement, Shopify, Ecommerce Website, Shopify Templates, Web Design, Graphic Design

Country: Australia

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