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HockeyStack is an analytics and attribution tool for B2B SaaS. It collects and helps analyze data from all parts of the SaaS customer journey – marketing, sales, and product engagement. Our goal is to make tracking and gaining insights from all this data easier and faster.

We launched the final iteration of the product last year. We are now scaling our product and building out new features.

Technical Expectations

As a frontend-focused engineer, your first project will be to migrate our current frontend (Pug + JS + CSS) to React. So you should know both by heart.

But we also expect you to:

  • Have an eye for sleek and pixel-perfect design (ex. Linear, Notion, Stripe)
  • Have enough Figma skills to design what you think
  • Think about the UX of our platform
  • …and actually execute these ideas in code

We want to make B2B analytics as accessible as possible but also have a cool product to show off 😉 You will work directly with the founders to make HockeyStack the coolest product on the market.

Non-technical Expectations

Excellent communication skills (English) is a must.

We aren’t looking for someone with 20 years of experience, we are looking for smart people who are up for a challenge.

You should have experience with at least a CRM, an analytics tool, or a MarTech tool of some kind.

Your ideas will set the course of the product, so you should have some context on this industry beforehand.

This also means that your role within the company is bound to grow and gain importance over time.

Why HockeyStack?

The company is very young for where we want to be, but although this may scare some people off, we believe that this is a tremendous opportunity to actually build something greater than all of us. We have the fastest team in our market right now and we want to keep it that way. We are already becoming a market leader in the attribution space, but we need more teammates (aka you) for our more ambitious goals.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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