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In the document below, type up your minutes from the meeting summary:

Victor has been interviewing candidates for a Project Management role for 3 months now and cannot find anyone suitable. He is asking the CEO (Sharon) for approval to engage a recruitment agency. Sharon can't have unnecessary spend from the company right now but understands the importance of the role, so has asked to see a proposal from Victor outlining the role and why a recruitment agency is necessary, including associated costs so she can get approval from the Board.
Sharon will also reach out to her network and see if there is anyone who is looking who might be suitable. She will review the budget and allocate resources to recruitment. Hannah, the HR Director has an agency that she works with regularly so she will get a quote from them to provide Victor for his proposal. Hannah also reminded Victor that Shane, her direct report who couldn't be in the meeting, is interviewing a great candidate right now and will update the team in the next meeting.

Budget: $5

Posted On: January 16, 2023 23:59 UTC
Category: Transcription
Skills:Business Transcription, General Transcription, Meeting Notes, Typing, Writing, English

Country: Latvia

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