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Marketing Strategist – freelance
Marketing is responsible for driving $6.25m+ of direct marketing annual revenue plus drives activity creating $5m+ revenue from the Sales team.
The most important traffic driving marketing channel is email marketing (80%). Revenue comes directly from email replies and from traffic landed on our eCommerce website.
This seat reports to the Marketing Director. The scope of the position includes analysis, identification of options to innovate marketing, planning, and executing improvements from conception to completion.
That’s Great News head office is in Wallingford, CT with about 40 people. There is a Sales office in Tampa with around 40 people and several hundred people in Manila doing backend activities.
The whole business is based around NetSuite CRM.
Workload will vary week to week, some weeks a couple of hours, some weeks a couple of days. This is a thinking and doing role.

Hourly Range: $35.00-$95.00

Posted On: March 16, 2023 12:36 UTC
Category: Marketing Strategy
Skills:Marketing Analytics, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization

Country: United States

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