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High-Level Design Idea: Gif of construction characters building a house

Where this will live: On our website as a landing page once a customer is onboarded. This .gif will be “playing” and the text will say “We’re busy customizing your Groundworks set-up! You’ll receive an email message once it’s complete. Be on the lookout for a note from our team with some more information.” This is meant to look professional, yet engaging and fun. Not childish. Our audience are contractors and builders.

House: We would like for it to be a blank background and to include shrubbery outside the house. I like the design included in the attachment because it's not too realistic. Use it as inspiration.

Characters: Inspiration are the guys included in the attachment with our logo on their chest and hats. We want them building the house and animated laying bricks to build a pathway to the house, planting bushes/shrubbery, and painting the house. There can be others assisting. We want them to be expressionless so that it doesn't look childlike. We would like for at least one to be a woman.

File format: .gif with a blank, png-like background so that it can sit on our page naturally with whatever background color we choose.

Color scheme: Included in the attachment are our brand colors. Try to stick with these types of colors.

Budget: $150

Posted On: January 17, 2023 01:13 UTC
Category: Graphic Design
Skills:2D Animation, Animation, Graphic Design, GIF

Country: United States

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