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Hello there! Are you the right candidate for this exciting role?

We’re looking for someone to manage and create ad campaigns for our e-commerce brand in the health and wellness industry. We have an ad budget of $2,000 a month and looking to get at least 3x ROAS as we have a patented product that solves a real issue. We’re also looking for a brand strategist and content creator at the moment, but you’ll be the lead in terms of ad spend and as strategy. We’ll be hiring this month if the right candidate is available.

The role involves:
Ad management
Ad optimization
Ad set up
Strategy – this is essential as we need creative and proven strategies

We have a graphic designer in-house but if you can create content that would be great.

You will be our ads manager and strategist, leading the team on what you believe is the best strategy and how we can maximise results.

Please only apply if you have proven results and experience for over 2+ years.

Ideally, the candidate will be asked to start on a 10 hour contract, with opportunity to increase if we’re happy with the outcome.



Hourly Range: $30.00-$100.00

Posted On: March 16, 2023 12:55 UTC
Category: Social Media Marketing
Skills:Facebook Advertising, Facebook, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing

Country: United Kingdom

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