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Hi there!

I have a fun opportunity to review and improve  an online ad for tutoring. If necessary, I’m happy to overhaul the content/structure. Keen to know your thoughts, as advertising is a little outside my expertise!

To give me an idea of how you might improve the ad, please leave me a recommendation of how the following headline could be improved:

Cambridge Economics Graduate | Professional Tutor | 850+ hrs of Experience | 23/25 of Weekly Slots Taken

Or alternatively how the first paragraph could be improved:

Economics can be frustrating. I often felt stuck at school, unable to push past certain grade boundaries. It took me hundreds of hours, and a lot of trial and error, to figure out the systems to ace the exams. This does not have to be you! My mission is to provide students with the tools so they can accelerate their progress and achieve the top grades.

For further context, the whole ad is currently just less than 450 words and appears on websites for tutors to market their services.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and please let me know if you require any more info to know whether it’s worth your time!

Budget: $200

Posted On: January 16, 2023 23:57 UTC
Category: Other Sales & Marketing Copywriting
Skills:Editing & Proofreading, Content Marketing Strategy, Content Writing, English, Copywriting, Ad Copy, Economics, Writing, Marketing Strategy

Country: United Kingdom

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