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1. See the attached Excel file. For each of the 6 trade associations listed on the the first tab (“List of Trade Associations” tab,) click on the link in column “B” to access the trade association's member directory webpage.
You will find Company and Contact information on each member directory webpage.  Note that the webpage format is different for each trade association.

(Note that the webpage link for the “Concrete Alberta (ARMCA)” trade association takes you to a PDF file named “concretealberta_membership_2021.pdf.” Limit your data entry efforts to pages 31 through 42 of that PDF file. I.e. limit data entry to the “Producer Members by Location” section of the PDF file.)

2. Read through the member directory information line on the webpage line-by-line and copy and paste all available data into the appropriate column on the second tab  (“Contact Template” tab) of the attached spreadsheet.
The Contact Template tab includes an example row for each of the 6 trade associations.  The example information was copied from the first Company listed in each of the 6 Trade Association Directories.

Other notes:
Not all columns will be filled in for each row in the spreadsheet because not all information is available on the webpage.  Copy as much data as is available.
There may be multiple Contacts per Company.
One Company may have multiple Plants.  It is not necessary to record all Plant locations unless there is a different Contact person for each Plant.

Budget: $175

Posted On: January 16, 2023 22:53 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Accuracy Verification, Copy & Paste, Data Entry, Microsoft Excel, Data Scraping

Country: Canada

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