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We recently rebranded our line of cleaning products in 2022, and 1 year later are looking to refine & update our product look and feel for an export market.

In essence, we want to work with a graphic designer with proven experience in packaging & product design/labeling, to take some of our branding colors, graphics/assets, and portfolio of current products, and help us refine them for 1) premium shelf appeal in a new market like Dubai, or the US, an 2) product differentiation on the shelf/at home.

A few key areas:
1) Some of our products have the same color & illustrations on them, so only the product name is the differentiator.

2) Some products when printed, have labels/text that is too small to read

3) We may want to consider more text, claims, and information on the front while maintaining a sleek, simple, premium design.

I need support in rolling out a few design concepts immediately – focusing on our 500ml surface cleaners/sprays.

Goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to quickly help us modernize some of our designs for a premium audience.

Please go to to see our branding, products.

If successful, this project could become bigger/wider, including web design, additional product/label design, and more!

Budget: $500

Posted On: March 16, 2023 12:01 UTC
Category: Brand Identity Design
Skills:Brand Guidelines, Covers & Packaging, Digital Marketing Materials, Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging Design, Label & Package Design, Label Design, Rebranding

Country: Kenya

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